Slim Shots

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat!

Sometimes a small boost can make a huge difference in your energy, moods and overall well-being. Our body is made of trillions of cells and the health of each cell indicates our overall health. Complex biochemical reactions are constantly happening intracellularly and this process requires certain key nutrients. When we optimize our intracellular health, we feel great overall. Does this make sense?
The Slim Shot is a B12/ MIC combo which helps give you more energy and prevents you from getting sick! This shot has an all-natural formula of liver supporting nutrients that can help boost energy, increase metabolism and support your immune system. It includes powerful amino acids that help detoxify, metabolize fat cells- that’s why the name “Slim Shot”! It is a perfect augmentation for a patient seeking fat-burning/energy on a weight loss program


2 Types of Slim Shots

At Feel Your Best Self we are offering 2 types of Slim Shots. Both of them are vitamin-packed injection that can help boost energy, promote good health and speed up metabolism in patients. A careful blend of vitamins and essential nutrients can jumpstart your weight loss process while strengthening your overall health.

Vitamin D

Not getting enough sun? Staying indoors too often? You maybe low in Vitamin D levels. Make sure that you ask your doctor to run the test for 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D levels with your annual blood work.

Have you ever considered getting a Vitamin D shot? Vitamin D has a HUGE impact on our overall health. To name a few, it plays a huge role in optimizing our immune system, helps hormone balancing & everyone usually knows about its crucial role in driving calcium absorption and keeping our bones strong.


At Feel Your Best Self, we offer various options of injections. Please call us to find out which one would be best for you. 


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