What is a nutrient IV?

Show your body some love!
Give your body a gift with an Immune Boosting Vitamin IV push.
We all know how crucial it is to optimize our immune system, especially during this difficult time.
Nutrient therapy is like icing on the cake. We know the important role our vitamins, minerals & antioxidants play in keeping us healthy.
At Feel Your Best Self we offer Nutrient IV therapy with an assortment of treatments depending on one’s goals.
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Benefits of an IV therapy

The most popular reasons for IV vitamin treatment are to relieve stress, rid your body of toxins, balance hormones, boost immunity, increase energy levels, and make your skin healthier.

  • Relax, Recharge & Renew with an IV Push
  • 100% Absorption
  • Supports Immune System
  • Improved Wellness
  • Restores Vitamin Levels
  • Complete Hydration
  • Accentuate Beauty
  • Relieve Hangovers

Immune Boosting IV pushes

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