Natural Weight Loss Program

Have you wondered why maintaining healthy weight has become so hard in this modern-day society?

There are more than a few reasons. 

  1. Food choices: We are not making good food choices. Looking for fast and easy, we are consuming tons of processed foods. When you walk into a grocery store, always shop around the outer edges of the store. Avoid the aisles, which are filled with 1000 options of processed foods. Yes, anything that comes in a box or can, is usually processed. Instead, shop for foods in their natural forms, like fresh produce- vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds. Anything that does not look the same in its natural form, should generally be avoided. Example, fresh strawberries look the same as when they are picked from the strawberry plant but when strawberries are added to a box of cereal, they are highly processed.
  2. Social choices: People are making choices to climb the social ladder to satisfy material gains. Amid showing off what we own and how we dress, we are compromising our health and sanity. All this stress causes cortisol (stress hormone) to peak and its production be dysregulated, causing weight gain around the abdomen. Instead, let us be who we are and do what we have come to this World to do. Be genuine. Fulfill our own purpose, rather than follow the rat race of competition. Find inner peace and satisfaction.
  3. Lack of movement: We work long hours and sit in front of computers all day. We slouch on the sofa with all kinds of electronic gadgets- like ipads and phone. We drive around in fancy cars rather than take a walk or bike to a nearby grocery store. By just a click of the button, we have the item delivered to our front door. The technology has made things very convenient for us but because of that, we lack movement and pack on those pounds instead. 
  4. Sleep problems: Stress from long work-hours and fulfilling other expectations, we are compromising our sleep to get 100 other unimportant things done. That affects the production of hormones, leptin and ghrelin, which make us hungry at night and therefore we consume those extra & unnecessary calories before bedtime.
  5. Physiological reasons: There can be hormone imbalances like Thyroid, Adrenal & Sex hormone imbalances which are a cause of your weight gain. People with blood sugar imbalances, like those prone to diabetes are also prone to gain weight. In these cases, we do need to address the root cause of their problem to make a positive impact on their weight. Otherwise, these people get very frustrated and depressed since they are trying every exercise and diet program with zero results.

Once we figure out the problem and find solutions for the same, lets decide which diet is best for us. Is that possible to do? There are so many out there, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Vegan & the list is unending. How do I know what will work for me?

Well, I have an answer. Consider a genetic based – Weight Management Panel. It checks for genetic markers that are related to your weight. The report gives you accurate information about your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. It also specifies the type and intensity of exercise that is ideal for you. Honestly, my results were spot on. I was happy to know that I need to keep fat intake less and can eat moderate carbohydrates (ofcourse healthy carbs). No wonder, I was gaining weight when I tried keto diet since that is high in fat. 

Okay, what about my Natural Weight Loss Program? Where does that fit in? So, I tell anyone that has tried all types of diet and exercise programs and is frustrated due to lack of results, please come and see me for a consult of my Natural Weight Loss Program. I will like to find the cause of your weight problem and if applicable, start you on my program which will be a jump start in the right direction. The right direction to begin losing weight and aiming for your goal weight. We will do a detailed body composition analysis to find out your BMI, Body Fat percent, Fat Mass, Hydration level etc and get you started on your Weight Loss journey. The good news is that the program is limited to 3 or 6 weeks. In 3 weeks, women lose about 10 lbs and men, 15 lbs. In 6 weeks, women lose about 20 lbs and men, 30+. Ofcourse, this all depends on many factors, but I am sharing average results. Find a time when you are ready to commit, I mean to be able to mentally focus on this program. Don’t come when you are going to leave on a vacation after 2 weeks. The maintenance plan for 3 weeks which follow this diet is a crucial time where your body adjusts to the new weight. The great part about this diet is that you will eat foods in their most natural states. You will not be sold any meal replacement bars or jars. Your options are typically, lean proteins, vegetables and fruits for the most part. You will be asked to eat 6 times a day to keep the metabolism up, log your weight every morning and drink a gallon of water. 😊

So, if you are ready to begin your weight loss journey and get to that ideal weight that you have been striving for years, please call and come and see me @ Tutera Medical 480 874 1515

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