Hormone Pyramid

At Tutera Medical, we are passionate about helping people balance their hormones, naturally.

Our hormones play a huge role in our physical, mental and emotional health. That means, it helps with our physical energy, mental clarity and stabilizes our mood.

A Hormone Pyramid consists of 3 levels. The base of the pyramid is the Adrenal hormones, the most commonly known of them is the “Stress Hormone”- Cortisol. It can be compared to the fuel in a car. Without the fuel, the car will not run. The mid-level of the pyramid is the Thyroid Hormones, which can be compared to the gas pedal. When we push on the pedal, it stimulates our metabolism and the car runs faster. Remember, without the fuel (cortisol hormone), the car is not going to go too far! The peak of the pyramid consists of the sex hormones including Estradiol, Progesterone & Testosterone. At Tutera Medical, we provide Safe, Effective & Natural Hormone Replacement Therapies for Men & Women.

Doing a Detox is the key to achieving balance in your hormonal health. Our liver is constantly working hard to process the hormones. For example, the conversion of thyroid hormones from its inactive form (T4) to active form (T3) primarily happens in the liver. Another example is that Estrogen metabolism also happens in the liver. Thus, by supporting the liver function by doing a detox, we are helping the proper breakdown and/or metabolism of our hormones. To facilitate a gentle and effective detox, it is important to include movement/exercise, follow a clean diet, and get a restful sleep combined with a mental detox which includes time for contemplation, away from digital stimulation.

Besides, balancing the hormones, which is the key to helping our patients, sometimes we need to dig deeper to find the Root Cause of their health problem. Some patients say that they don’t feel as great as their friends do on the hormones. Why? Since hormones may not be the Only answer for you. Along with optimizing your hormone levels, you may need to work on your emotional health that is affected by the stress in your life. Or, we need to work on your Gut Health and Microbiome since the Leaky Gut is causing this autoimmune attack on your thyroid gland! Sometimes, more than anything else, the food that you are eating is causing inflammation in the gut which is causing the symptoms that you are experiencing. Or maybe you are lacking micronutrients that are required by our biochemical pathways to produce energy. Thus, know that hormones are an important part of the puzzle but along with the other parts, the puzzle is incomplete.

At our office, we carry professional grade, high quality, third party tested supplements to support your Health & Wellness. DIM is an all-natural supplement made from broccoli extract that helps to metabolize estrogen. It helps convert the estrogen to the beneficial form that helps support breast health. Thyroid Balance consists of nutrients and botanicals that help the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to its active form (T3) so that cells can utilize it and produce energy.

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