How to Increase Your Energy?

Coffee, energy drinks, and foods that claim to increase your energy are everywhere for a reason. We have become a society of people who must hustle and always be productive to the point of burnout. We crave more energy to simply get through the day.
Women, you know all about stress. You have the physical energy of lifting kids into car seats, go to work, the stress pregnancy and monthly hormonal changes add to your body. Then there’s the mental energy in taking care of your family, work, and your to-do list. These two forms, mental and physical energy, need to be refilled daily.

The mitochondria are our powerhouses of Energy. They produce energy and many factors influence our energy levels. The balance of all the hormones is definitely a key, in particular the Thyroid, Adrenal and Testosterone hormones.

My philosophy in practice has always been to find the root cause of the problem and a solution for the same. Nutrient deficiency has become very prevalent since the soil where our food grows is depleted of all the nutrients that it once had many years ago. On the other hand, we have made bad food choices like eating processed foods which comes in boxes and cans and have moved away from eating the “Real Foods”. The addition of pesticides in our foods is another big topic all together. Bottom line is that we lack essential nutrients which negatively affect our energy.

Spectracell’s Micronutient Testing has been a wonderful functional testing method to assess for these nutrient deficiencies. It is performed by a simple blood draw and provides a comprehensive report checking all the B- vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidant levels and more.

Remember, your health relates back to your gut. Food is energy, so making sure you make healthy food choices is vital. The food choices you make and how often you eat will directly impact your energy. Eat balanced meals that provide all the three macronutrients, good carbs from multi-colored veggies and fruits, healthy fats like avocados, nuts and coconut oil, and a lean protein. Eating five to six small meals a day keeps one’s metabolism and energy levels up, unlike choosing an energy drink to kill your appetite, which not only gives you short bursts of energy but will eventually lead to adrenal fatigue if you start depending on them.

Your energy depends on how good your sleep is at night. Do you wake up rested or do you need a cup of coffee to get you going? Are you dragging during the day and wired-up at night? If you have any of these symptoms, definitely consider doing a hormone panel, including a complete thyroid and adrenal panel. The saliva-based comprehensive adrenal test is called Adrenal Stress Index.

Consider heavy metal testing. Knowing the toxins or metals in you may help to decide if they are causing a depletion of your energy levels by unbalancing your hormones, thus affecting your thyroid.

Regular exercising keeps your energy levels up. There is no excuse for not having time to exercise. There are so many options to choose from, like jogging at your neighborhood park, taking a yoga class, joining a gym, and if you cannot find even twice a week to commit to this, then follow some YouTube videos in the comfort of your home.

Women and men nearing their forties begin to complain of low energy. At this point in life, make sure that you check your testosterone hormone levels. Yes, it is as important in women as it is in men. Testosterone deficiency is directly related to the drop in your energy.

Mental energy is vital to your overall health as well. Since stress affects your thyroid and adrenals, it is important to learn how to cope with your stress in order to preserve your energy. A little reminder: A good place to start to relieve the worries in your mind is by practicing meditation, mason jar gratitude notes, journaling, and walking or jogging out in nature.

At my office, we recommend weekly “Energy Booster Shots” to our patients. It is a perfect mix of B-vitamins, MIC- which is an amino acid combination that works as a fat burner, chromium that helps metabolize sugars, AMP which converts to ATP (our energy building block).

You can be an energetic person well into old age. I have many patients who are in their eighties and have the energy of someone much younger. It’s possible for you too.

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